300 win mag over 338 edge

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  1. schwabdog

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    Jun 9, 2012
    300 win mag over 338 edge
    I’d like some data comparing with the two. Now I know the 338 edge has way more foot pounds of energy, but how big is the LIPE from the 300wm to a 338 edge,
    There is some ppl on here taking shots at ELK at 1200yds with the 215gr Berger bullets, now its only 85 gr more the 338 has.
    Can I go wrong with buying a 300 win mag for SAMBAR deer hunting out to 800 meters..
    P. Schwab
  2. Broz

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    Feb 3, 2007
    I think you could be referring to my 1285 yard antelope shot with my 300 win and the 215 Berger. I also added to that thread that I would not go past 1000 with this combo for elk. Small deer and antelope yes in very good field conditions.

    To answer your question I feel the 300 win would be fine out to 800 meters with good shot placement. But I will always prefer a 338 for shots past 1000 on elk.

  3. J E Custom

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    Jul 29, 2004

    The nice thing about a 338, it can be loaded to what ever level of energy and trajectory you need.

    You can load 180s for medium to short ranges and take small game to deer size game without
    all the recoil and muzzle report. then load/buy the 200+ grain bullets for larger game.

    For the longest shots you feel comfortable with on Elk size game the 250 to 300 grain bullets
    will fill the bill.

    Ideally having both calibers would be great, but if you can only afford 1 Rifle I would recomend
    the 338s.

    The 338s are so versatile I have 3 different ones (Its nice to be a gunsmith) A 338 RCM, A 338
    rum and my own designed 338 Super.

    The 338 RCM was built for close, carry situations for Hogs and bears and will equal the 338 Win
    Mag with the 180s and 200 grain bullets.

    The 338 RUM is my dedicated Elk rifle out to 1100 yards.

    An my 338 Super is for anything within my ability range.