.300 Win Mag adjustments

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    Nov 29, 2011
    Hey fellas; got a question about reloads in my .300 Win Mag. Its a model 70 Super Grade with a 26" barrel; floated, glass bedded, and trigger set at 40 oz. I'd like to get the most performance I can by palying around with freebore, but I have to set my oal at 3.388 with 200 gr accubonds and 3.383 with 180 gr accubonds in order to fit in the magazine. Also, these loads seem to be slightly compressed, as I can hear the bullet base making contact with the powder as I'm loading them. This particular loading was with 75.5 grs of RL22. I'm still way off the lands with alot of freebore in this particular rifle. I talked with a guy at Sierra yesterday who suggested changing out the stock follower, spring and bolt stop in my rifle with a unit out of a .375 cal. Has anyone here ever tried this and if so, what knid of difference did it make in your rifle's load performance?