300 RUM - Which powder


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Apr 27, 2006
Hello everyone! So a couple years ago I picked up a Remington 700 sps in 300 RUM with the plan of turning it into an Edge. While the plan is still there, haven't really gotten started on it yet.

So I'm thinking maybe I should do some shooting with this rifle. I've got reloading dies, brass, got some 200 grain accubonds. Just need to pick a powder to start with.

I know that H-1000 and Retumbo have been a standard go to powder for this calibre, but in some of my reading on the site recently have seen that some people are having good results with some of the Reloader powders.

So what I'm wondering is what powder should I get started with. All recommendations appreciated.

Thanks very much!

Forrest Ebert

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Apr 22, 2008
Well since everyone has mentioned the Powder I use I thought I would add IMR 7828 as well as Retumbo,H-1000,RL22,RL25 and a bullet in the 210 range as I shoot custom 211 grain pills! Should be very accurate when you find what it like's to digest!

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