300 RUM - 168gr velocity ?

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Dec 26, 2001
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I've been shooting the 210 VLD's @ 3,200 ft/sec for awhile but I'm curious as to how flat (comparatively) the 168's would be over 800-900 yds. The load would be used for whitetails and/or antelope.

Realisticaly, how fast can the 168gr class bullets be fired from a 300 RUM? The printed sources seem to list very modest velocities for most bullet weights in the 300 RUM.

I'm currently using a 27" Broughton.
That's a good question and one I'm not likely to find out :) But I would think they would be A LOT flatter. If you're getting 3200 fps with your 210's, I would guess you could probably get 3550-3600 with the 168's.

Just for grins, I tried some RL17 (86 gr) with 180 E-Tips out of my 26" 300 RUM and I got about 3400 with that combo, which basically equalled H1000 and Retumbo. They shot well but I didn't like the low case volume so I went with Retumbo. I would think with the lower weight bullets, RL17 might outrun H1000 and Retumbo in the 300 RUM and you could probably get a few more grains in the case.

If you really wanted flat, the GS HV 177's would equal or exceed the 168 velocities with A LOT higher BC, .6+. One of these days I want to try the RL17/GS 177 combo. Should be interesting. It would way out run any of the big 338's except maybe the AM.

Just some things to think about...

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