300 Remington Ultra Mag Sendero SF Newbie


Dec 22, 2003
West \"BY GOD\" Virginia
I am new to the super accurate shooting sports so bear with me. I am reloading and shoot 180grn ballistic tip nosler with 89.4 grns of imr 7828 and shooting pretty good groups @ 100 yards. I know ha ha 100 yards.
Any ways, I am thinking of getting a pair Harris bipods. What do u guys think. I just want to be a better shot. Thanks a bunch in advance

WV Hunter
you got a break on that thing? reason i ask is i have the same stick, and although the bipod worked alright, due to the high recoil of the straight tube, it bounced a bit off the legs and really started to open groups around 500-600 yards. i shoot off a pack now and groups are back down under 1MOA. regardless, a bipod will give good results so it not a bad choice, i'd just go with a small leg length if you dont have a break. if you do, you should be alright.

Thanks for the reply MOUNTAIN MAN. I had a "smith" install a break for $150.00 now i can shoot all day. I was shooting it with out a break and i thought i had torn rotator cuff. Well the break makes it MUCH more manageable. Im still considering which bipods to put on this weapon, and im looking at a recoil pad. The "smith" said he could CUT my pad off of my synthetic and put a new one on for $50. He said would lessen it by about 5%. Worth it or not?

the recoil pad is up to you whether you want a little softer blow or not. all i have is the standard remington rubber pad, and i still shoot a straight tube with only a t-shirt sometimes, but thats just me. most guys want a little less kick. as far as the bipod, it depends on what you're using it for. i have the 13-23" swivel on my 270 and thats great for the mountain hunting i do here, allowing me to shot from prone up to sitting. i'm guessing you're not going to be hauling yours all over the place light a normal sporter rifle though, so the extra length probably wouldnt be needed, in which case the 8-13" might be better assuming you'll only be shooting prone. the nice thing with harris though, is if you decided you dont like the model you have, you can always get rid of it to someone on here. get a lesser brand, and you might not be able to.

Harris bipods are great. I have three. I don't know what the cover is like where you hunt, but don't forget about the stoney point shooting stix. Maybe a 9 to 13 harris and 36" to 72" stoney's for a walking stick for those shots were the grass is long.
Happy hunting!
I had that very rifle. With a break and trigger job. Sweet shooter!!

May I recommend you try RL25 with those 180gr. pills??

IMR 7828 gave me OK results too. But, RL25 set me free!! Try it!!..sakofan..Good shootin'
Thanks everyone for your help. I hunt in Marshall county WV. Farm country. Some shots are wide open and some shots are in the thickets.

Oh, I remeber what else I wanted to ask you guys. Without adjusting the scope "6.5-20x50 Leupold" zeroed in at 2.5 inches high at 100 what would be the longest shot I should attempt.

Thanks again in advance

100 yards, but don't forget to hold 2.5" low.

Sorry, but that's been a pet peeve of mine for years. For about the price of that bipod, you can buy a Stoney Point Target knob for that scope that works great. No tools needed other than a knife to get the package opened. It comes with an Allen wrench to set the zero mark.

Zero the scope for 100 yards, if you need to shoot farther, add the elevation in just seconds and eliminate the guess work of holding over. Fewer misses or bad hits, more game to take home.
Geeeeeez, you guys just keep costing me more money. Can you tell I'm cheap. Anyways thanks for the advice on the bibod and the stoeny point target knobs. I think I'll try them both before I go ground hog hunting this summer.
This is your brain. This is your brain on 300RUM. Any questions?

Thanks agian for all of your help!!!
WV, I have been using the same stick this year myself. The best thing I did was throw away the stock trigger. It was horrible. Creep, and was just rough. Put a Rifle basix on it which used the stock saftey. The trigger contact surface is wider than the stock one also. Best $100 you'll spend.
I have had trigger work done. The pull is about 2lbs. That is what the gun smith told me. I was going to reload and try to shoot some this weekend but it is supposed to be about 18 Degrees for a high on Saturday.

Thanks for all of the help

P.S. Funny side note

I clipped a deer in the hind quarter last year and it really was ugly when i got up to it. My brother-in-law actually calls my gun Remington 300 ultra MESS. I plan on practicing this summer with hogs. I'LL SHOW HIM!

WV hunter
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