30-06 for wolf hunting

Geo- i grew up in az , called my first coyote in at age 10 and one half. killed maybe 250. always dreamed of hunting AK, montana, Idaho ect. the 40, 000 permits and 240 wolves killed in idaho or montana made me nervous. i would have to be better or luckier than 39,000 others that live there. also many are killed in sept/oct before they really look good. studied it and saved , and saved and booked hunt to NWT... spot and stalk , bait is not allowed but the wolves are ALWays near the caribou and muskoxen. live bait . bought a bunch of clothes. loaded up some scenars for the sako 30-06. hunted 6+ days, i saw three wolves shot at one. it saw me or maybe smelled me first , as i came over the eskor. it was running as fast as a wolf can go. 90-100 yds . first hit was not real good, following ones were. my buddy missed a shot at one as big as mine with 300 wm . he harvested a good sized female running at 60-80 yards with my sako 30-06 and 167s. i will try to get somerum to post my buddies wolf. thanks for asking. roninflag
Ron and anyone else, if you can ride a horse, and also cover country on foot, I am always willing to take just about anyone along! I make a good spotter, have great horses, and mostly by mid January, get sick of talking to just my dog while wolf hunting.
I am no expert but we have a few wolves!

If you were to go out specifically targeting wolves for 10 days, how many days do you think you'd see them?

I have been researching and trying to kill a wolf here in Idaho for years now. I always seem to find them during archery season (with no shots), but can't find them when I'm holding a rifle or when season is open. It'd be worth a drive for me if chances of finding one were reasonable. :)
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