30-06 for wolf hunting


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Feb 27, 2006
I thinking about using my 30-06 , probably with 167 scenars. they seem to do real well. ron
? Is the Scenar an adequate hunting bullet for mid-size to big game hunting? I've shot large feral hogs and WT deer for years with a 30-06 loaded with 150 SST at about 2800 to 2850 fps MV. In the past year I loaded some 155 Scenar with the same powder charges and happily found that they hit so close to the same POI that they can be used interchangeably w/o scope adjustment. Never having used them except on light weight varmits, could somebody comment on Scenar performance on fairly heavy game. Large wolves, deer, and tough hogs. I realize this forum is dedicated to wolf hunting, so please forgive me for going further afield.
I have not shot anything but targets. scenarshooter on 24hourcampfire , lives and hunts in Montana. he has pics of everything with a 155 out of a .308. I am using 50.3 grains of varget, 210m , and a 167 scenar in my 30-06. ron
Thanks, I'll look there. My most accurate loads are 56 grains of IMR 4350, Win LR primers, and Lapua brass out of my Weatherby Vanguard SS with 24" barrel and 49 grains of IMR 4064, CCI primers, and RP brass out of my 1980 vintage Rem. 700 classic which has been re-barreled with a 25" Douglas. I know these powder charges seem a little light but that is all these rifles want if I don't want to experience high pressure signs in hot weather. They are accurate and produce decent velocity with these loads. I always heard IMR 4350 is the go to powder for .30-06 but my Rem. 700 without question prefers the IMR4064.
I plan to make a wolf hunt as soon as I can talk my brother in law into going with me. I own cattle and I think it was a crazy idea to turn a bunch of killer dogs (wolves) loose on livestock and game animals. Down here in Louisiana you can't raise cattle without a good rifle. I can imagine the anxiety of having wolves mixed in with domestic cattle.
I would love to go to either Idaho or Montana. hopefully next january. ron

Ron and anyone else, if you can ride a horse, and also cover country on foot, I am always willing to take just about anyone along! I make a good spotter, have great horses, and mostly by mid January, get sick of talking to just my dog while wolf hunting.
I am no expert but we have a few wolves!
it was very cold . i was afraid my gun would not work. it worked better than me. i harvested a wolf with the sako 30-06, shooting the 167 scenar . do not know how to post a pic. ron
Roninflag! Somewhere near the Arctic Circle, Northwest Territories, Canada. Minus 37, 30-06 Sako Mannlicher with Scenars. Huge wolf. Great color. My brother did really, really, really good. Just last week. He is home and safe with only frostbite to non-essential appendages. Huge wolf!


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Amazing! What did he weigh? The rest of the story, please. Thanks

Geo4061- did not weigh it . i am 6' , 205 lb ; ....60 years old ( very important detail when on something like this). it felt like 12-15 lbs i was quite excited.
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