280 Rem why not? Just an inquiry.


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Sep 13, 2009
Chambersburg, PA
I was wondering if you kind forum goers would post some pictures of your 280 rem rifles. It sure is a cartridge you dont really hear much about for long range shooting and looking into it has provided me with some advantages that many overlook.
1 wide selection of high b.c. bullets
2 velocities very close to 7mm rem mag
3 drastically less powder consumption compared to 7mm rem mag
4 can take any standard 06 action
5 can take any standard long action accessories
I'm sure there is more, but if you could please post pictures of your 280 rigs. AI or not I dont care. I just cant seem to see many on the net and its sparked a deep interest to me.

Thanks again.
I just bought a new Ruger M77 Hawkeye in .280 Rem but haven't received it yet. :) I'll post pictures when I get it (hopefully later this week).
shhhhhhhh your gonna give away the secret that the 280 outshoots both the 270 and 30-06 and hits like a 300 win mag, then the whole world will want one and we'll run out of 280 ammo and have to start using 7mm Express Remington ammo. shhhhhhhhhhhh...



The 280 rem works for me
My guess is shooting that monster was the easy part. Gutting, skinning,quartering packing and hauling, I hope you had help. Congrats!:D
Couldnt agree more.
That is one nice looking buck, and one nice looking rifle.
I am a 270 lover, just because it is the rifle I own:D. But would really like to see more pics of 280 rem rifles. Keep posting them guys!!!
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