Which is the best brass?

I have used Win and Remmy cases, ... don't know about others reloaders, but i had best groups with Remington brass, H4831, FedGM215M, Accu130/MK135.

I have Hornady New Dimension Custom dies ... very cheap, but a the same time very GOOD dies (also have Forster Bench Rest FL set).

I found, after 1° time shooting, that i had best accuracy making a "partially sizing", (with the Hornady dies FL), touching only 3/4 of the neck.

... Anyway, with my little experience in other calibers (30/06, 7mm.RM, .22-250, .300 WinMag.), if you will choose Norma brass ... you will not disappointed.

Best Regards

I have had great luck with Norma. I have used WW, Remington, Federal and Norma. The Norma brass is heavier and usually has less volume than the other brass. However, it is very uniform and I have reloaded some over 10 times and I have yet to have a neck split or a loose primer pocket.

The Norma is more expensive so you have to justify the extra cost.
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