270 weatherby Ackley?

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Aug 11, 2018
As I sit in this hospital room recovering from sepsis I got some crazy ideas, maybe from the drugs? Lol anyways I was talking with my son who was asking where are the 280 AI bullets I put together for his tikka. So after back and forth texts he sends me a pic and asks why does this bullet look funny, a 270 weatherby mag. Being 12 years old he hasn't been exposed to much and is willing to learn, so am I.

He then proceeds to tell me why does one 280 look different from the other, that's how the Ackley Improved talk started. So he tells me why don't we make a 270 weatherby mag AI? Good question!! It actually has a very long neck and losing some neck length and make an Ackley taper would be great in my opinion. Has anyone ever done this before? Would this even work? When I get out I will definitely look into a 270 weatherby AI or 27 Nosler with a 1-8" twist with a 26" or 28" tube for my defience tenacity action I had sitting around for the past year. Thanks in advance for any info or opinions!! Happy New Year and God Bless!!

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Other than the AI shape, there's nothing to change.....no room for capacity increase! But, it would be prettier! 😉 memtb
My idea was to take a 7mm Rem Mag Barrel and Chamber it for 7mm Ackley Weatherby Magnum Brass. Enhancing the better twist rate from the 7RM barrel. I was going to buy 270 Wby Ammo and fire form it. Weatherby Brass is expensive but it much less than 308 Norma and easier to find. You could easily do this with 270 bore, but IMO your twist rate is too slow unless you get new barrel. In the End I just decided to keep the 7RM chamber as is because I get the performance of the 280 Ackley Improved at a fraction of the Cost. IF I was looking at something more than the 270 WSM I'd lean towards the Nosler if you need the .277 bore. Basically the 270 Wby is an outstanding platform, but when you start adding costs to an already expensive Cartridge it's time to look elsewhere.
Other than the AI shape, there's nothing to change.....no room for capacity increase! But, it would be prettier! 😉 memtb
I believe this is very incorrect. The 270 Weatherby Brass has a lot of Room for improvement and I bet it's close to Ten more Grains once it's improved. That is a very large increase in performance. // I'm pretty sure I measured this by taking 300 Win Mag brass and playing with it, Taking a few dies and making a sample and then filling it with H20, but it's been a while since I did any serious Brass work mock ups. I wanted to get away from the thick neck of the 300 win mag as the 270 Weatherby would form into what I wanted without any Donuts. And.. at the time I could buy some relatively economical boxed 270 Wby ammo, those days are long gone now. Sorry for the long post.....
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