Jan 4, 2004
I have a buddy getting ready to buy a winchester model 70 in the 25 wssm. I wanted to know if anyone knew anything about this new cartridge. he is planning on using it for deer/coyote hunting adn is wondering what kind of performance he should expect from this gun. he was also considering the .243 wssm but some one told him he would be better off with the 25wssm.

thanks in advance

I shot the .25 at the SHOT show for a few hours during a writer show&tell. The cartridge was fast, flat out to the 425 yard targets we were working on and very easy on the shoulder. I only shot it the one session but the rifles we had available, M-70's, fed smoothly and hit very consistently. It does not do anything that a .257 Roberts or .25-06 can do, maybe it fits into the middle of those two. Very neat little action and rifle, would make a nice deer/antelope/yote carrying rifle.
No magic, just a nice shooting little cartridge and rifles. There is something about walking up to a shooting bench that has a brand new rifle and a case of ammo on it that makes me grin
I was very dissappointed with Winchesters decision to go with the wssm case for the .257" In my opinion, which may not be worth much, they would have been better off using the wsm case and getting performance near, equal, or greater than the .257 Weatherby. Anybody else see it this way?
I was under the impression the 25 WSM ballistics were very similar to the 25/06, not the Weatherby mag.

What kind of pressures are experienced loading the short cartridge to such high velocities?

While I have no experiece with the cartridge I am dubious about the WSM besting the Weatherby cartridge or even achieving parity.

I'd be intterested in hearing more about this.

Holmes, winchester made a 25 wssm not a wsm big differance. If they did make it in a wsm I believe that it would be right up there with the Weatherby or in my eye's better.

My thoughts exactly. I very much wish they would have used a WSM case. I just got a .270 WSM but if they would have created a .257 WSM, I may have gotten it instead or maybe even both!

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I agree they should have chased the Weatherby. They really missed the boat on that one. Maybe Remington will build a .25 RSUM.
I'll second the 25 RSAUM and raise with a 6.5 RSAUM. Now that is soemthing Remington could do in this magnum battle with Winchester!

I love my 25-06 and dream of doing the AI conversion for a little more umph. 25 WSSM does not impress me. Would be good for the average new shooter that would have normally bought a 25-06, but not enough to make me sell my 25-06 and go for the 25 WSSM.

Along those same lines, a 6.5 RSAUM would be great also. That would be enough to get me to sell my 25-06. (Maybe ...)

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I think a .260 or 6.5 wsm would be a good bet, but would it gain anything over the 6.5-.284?
I've had a 25 wssm chambered in an AR-15 for a couple years now, I really like it, however my purpose for buying one was to be able to deer hunt effectively with my AR-15, it shoots like a dream.
I read somewhere that win. was developeing the 25 on the WSM case but it was prone to pressure spikes so they went the wssm route.
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