what would be the better 800y varmit round? 223wssm 243wssm 25wssm?

i was thinking of getting a AR10 in 260 rem, but the 243wssm upper on my AR would be alot cheeper...

to bad they dont have a 6.5 wssm :(

Good twist will send those 105's and 109's (115's if they still make them) down range real smooth and you can push them to heavy speeds.
a 243wssm is a good roud but it is also a barrel burner,I have one and it shoots well out to a 1000 yrds, but if I had it to do over I would have just spent a little more money and done a 6 BR,it will push a 95 grain berger 3000 + and the barrel life is alot longer, and your only using about 30 grains of powder, put a break on them and you can watch them hit. they are a sweet shooting round.

opinons are like butts everybodys got one
I have a .243 WSSM in a Winchester Stealth. It likes the 95 grain Berger, good. I head shot a coyote at 626 yards. The longest shot before that was a head shot doe at 602 yards. I will shoot out this barrel and have it rebarreled to .243 WSSM, again.
ok, question 2..

that upper with the shillen is 950

i can get a DPMS ar10 243 for 1000..

what would be better?... would a 243bbl last longer then a 243wssm?

accuracy differences?

any thing else?
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