.25-06/VLD at 400 yds

Guy M

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Jun 4, 2007
Chelan Co, Washington
Okay, it's not "long range" but for the rifle and the conditions, it was a good longish shot on a mule deer doe! My partner (who had already taken a nice 22" wide 3x3 mulie buck) spotted several does on a hillside, shortly after sunrise, and after our two-mile hike & 1500' elevation gain. Since we had only seen two bucks on public land in three days of hunting, and we were running out of time for our DIY Wyoming hunt, I decided to take a doe.

The laser rangefinder read 390 yards to the rock just in front of the doe. She was between 390 & 400 yards. I used a dead tree with a perfectly placed branch as a natural rest, put the crosshairs of my 6x Leupold just behind her shoulder, and near the top of her back. Touched off the shot. It was a very steady hold, and there was no wind to speak of at that time.

The 115 gr Berger VLD flew true and flat, and was very effective. The bullet struck about 6" - 8" below where I'd aimed, and took out her lungs and heart. It also smashed her off-side fore-leg. She collapsed immediately, and rolled/slid down the slope a bit. My hunting buddy took the photo of me, ready to send another shot if necessary. It wasn't.


This is the fifth mule deer, and the first doe, I've taken with this rifle over the past five years. It's the third one I've taken with a Berger VLD. Am very impressed with their accuracy, and with their terminal results.

We boned out both of our deer, and backpacked them out, about two miles to the trailhead:

This year I took one Washington buck, and one Wyoming doe. Perhaps next year I'll find the Big Buck!

Regards, Guy
Nice job, 400 yards is no pop shot by any means!

Just curious what velocity your round is traveling at and maybe a load I could try. I have a 25-06 barrel for my Prohunter and will be putting together a hunting round for next season. I have plans on testing the VLD hunting match, Barnes Tipped TSX, & Scirocco II. I tried to get the VLD to fly out of my 7MM but that rifle wasn't have it! The TTSX actually faired better so I have gone with that. I would much rather have the VLD give me better accuracy over the TTSX, but only because of the price differance. Terminal performace on the VLD from what I have been reading is more than adequate though it can still be hard to beat the TTSX.

Thanks Bill
I used Hodgdon's published data for a 117 gr bullet, with Retumbo powder, Federal 210 match primers and neck-sized Winchester cases. Ended up with an accurate load, generating 3200 fps mv from the factory 24" barrel. This is faster than I anticipated based on the published load data.

Very flat shooting load... Three mule deer with the 115 Berger from my .25-06, and I'm pleased so far.

Regards, Guy
I have been hunting with Nosler Ballistic tip .277" 130 gr at 2885 fps muzzle for the last 8 deer I killed. They have all been between 329 and 510 yards. That is with a featherweight type rifle: 8.75 pounds with scope, sling, and bi-pod.

I want to shoot longer ranges.

1) I have been getting the deer at first light, and no more than 3 miles from the vehicle.
I think I could carry a 20 pound rifle, if I had to, for 3 miles an hour before light.

2) Next year I would like the try the Berger VLD in 6mmBR, 243, 257RAI, 260, 270, or 7mmRemMag.
Those Berger VLD bullets in Quicktarget software look like they will have more range than the Ballistic Tips I have been using.
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