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Nov 27, 2007
anyone have some reloading data for a .243 bullet, powder that would work on a optima elite 1-8 twist 28" barrel ..
i told the wrong twist it is 1-10 with a 24" barrel was looking to shot maybe a 80 to 100 grain bullet.
I get extreme accuracy from 44.5gn of IMR4831, CCI BR2's and any bullet in the 85-90gn range. I have used 85gn HP's from Winchester (obsolete) and Sierra (1530), Hornady's 87gn BTHP and their V-Max, the Speer 90gn FMJ and Nosler's 90gn Ballistic Tip. These all are seated .010" off the lands and velocity averages 3150fps.
I also like the 95gn Ballistic Tip ahead of 44.0gn of Viht N560 lit by the BR2's. This load averages in the .2's and averages 3144fps. My rifle is a HVB Win 70/w 26" barrel.
For whistle-pigs I load Hornady's 65gn V-Max ahead of 39.5gn of Varget/BR2's for .4465" groups @ 3511fps or their 75gn HP (2420) ahead of 42.0gn of IMR4895/BR2's. Looking through my reloading journal I see I shot a 3-shot group this past June that measured .1285", velocity averages 3602fps. JohnnyK.
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