243 win berger hybrid 95 grains


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Mar 17, 2012
anyone loaded the 95 grains berger vld hybrid in 243 win ?
are they easier too load than vld
i just went to bergers website and didnt see any 95g hybrid's ? i am interested in berger 95g vld load info for a 243sps varmint if anyone would care to share
hey Joe
are they more forgiving when it comes to seating Dept
are you using it for paper or hunting
i have being using vld hunting fore about a year now and i am loving them
but my winchester 70 likes them touching the land
so i am ordering some hybrids home to trying them out

Joe King;719478]yes their the easiest bullets to load I've tried yet.

hey oneshotkyle
they are calling them( hybrid) classic hunting bullets or match grade classic hunting bullets

thanks :)
Their called the "Classic Hunter" they are a hybrid design.

Their forgiving in that I haven't found them to be sensitive to seating depth, powder charge, primer.
They shot well for me at all stages of load development, so when you find a load they like they shoot very well and it's been pretty easy to find that load so far. It takes less load development I guess you could say.

I'm using them for hunting, I don't punch paper a whole lot but in the off season they'll get to know steel gongs well.
I also wondered about the lower BC. All the classics have lower BCs but they sure are loader friendly.

There will be a higher BC hybrid hunting bullet sometime in the future called the elite. Not sure if the 95 gr bullet will be one of them. So far there are two: The 250 gr and 300 gr .338 Match Grade Elite Hunter.
the classic hunters end up with a lower BC because their a shorter bullet for their weight, smaller radius ojive, longer bearing surface. Their meant to be loaded to magazine length so something has to give, you don't give up much in BC though.
thanks Joe
i am looking forward to trying them
and to See if they are dropping deers like the vld does

thanks from Denmark :)
thanks Joe
i am looking forward to trying them
and to See if they are dropping deers like the vld does

thanks from Denmark :)
I shot a muley buck this morning with 168gr 7mm classic hunter from about 50yrds lol it made a mess inside but I don't think I lost hardly any meat, check the berger kills thread
Finally got 2 firsts in 1. My Gf shot her 1st deer and used my 243 loaded with the 95gr CH. I wasn't there she went out with her daughter and the daughters BF (he's a guide) she got him at about 200yrds, Kellin (BF) said it did a pretty good number on the lungs, and exited, her shot placement was as good as can be. She skimmed it along the back of the shoulder and exited about 2" behind the offside shoulder leaving a quarter sized exit. All in all I'm pretty tickled for her :D soon as I can get the pics sorted out I post one up.
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