.243 & .308 projectile choices?


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Feb 25, 2008
I would like to start by saying that if there is a similar thread on here, somewhere, I appoligise. I am looking into starting to re-load for the two calibres listed above and would like some suggestions on what you guys consider to be the quality projectiles out there.

First rifle is a stock standard Remington 700 in .243Win. I will be using this rifle for Chital (Axis) and Fallow deer, shots will be limited to 200 to 300 metres to start with.

Second rifle is a Sportco (Omark) target rifle. It is a single shot .308 rifle that we use down here to shoot in a match that involves ranges from 200 to 1000 metres. Heavy, solid action with a very heavy barrel. My idea with this rifle is taking feral pigs on grain paddocks from a vehicle. I would like to limit my shots with this one out to 500 metres until I gain confidence in going further. I will be using powders manufactured in Australia so I just need a heads up on what projectiles I should start looking at?

Ok, thats me. Bring on the wisdom and knowledge.


I have a Savage 243 and have had great luck with the Berger 95 gr vld's. They consistently shoot 1/2 MOA. You might want to give them a try if you can get them in Australia.

I have had very good results with the 95 grain Nosler Balistic Tips when used for deer. I have used them in a 243 Win. and also a 240 Weatherby. They are accurate and kill quickly. They have worked up close and out to a couple hundred yards.
Good luck
Really depends on the twist rate of the rifling in the rifles. Barnes TSX 85 grain with Varget or IMR4831 powder in my wifes 1 in 9.25" remington shoot very good and maintain very good accuracy out to 700meters. We keep shots on deer sized targets to 400 for her. coyotes and such as far as she can shoot, She has taken coyotes to 730yards.

308 with 1/12 twist I shoot 168gr berger VLDs with Varget. Very accurate out to 1000yards. barnes tsx168gr quite accurate as well. Sierra match king 168 group well out to 800+. not so good past 900 or so. LOL.

Pick a desired bullet and suitable powder, work up a load and have at it. Thats the best part of learning what a gun will do. Good luck to ya!!!
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