.224 projectiles over 100 grains???


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Jul 13, 2009
does anyone know of any companies making .224 projectiles that weigh over 100 grains? an internet search turned up nothing for me. thank you in advance. steve
wow.... 44 people looked at my post and not one of them had anything to say about it much less an answer to my question. well thanks a ton.

I am not aware of any commercially made 224 bullets of over 90 grains.

About 3 years ago I bought some Wildcat 100 grain ULD's to use in my .224 Clark. However, the bullets which used a J4 jacket disintegrated at about 2,700 fps in my Krieger 26 inch 6.5 twist barrel. Other users with 7 twist barrels also experienced similar problems.

Long bullets in any calibre require sharp twist barrels, which put considerable stress on the lead core and jacket bonding.

After my problems with the Wildcat bullets, Garry Little, who is a local (Oz) custom bullet maker, made up some 105 grain HPBT's (1.305 inches) with 10 tangent ogive using the J4 jacket. These bullets also came apart at about 2,700 fps.

Garry, then made up some bullets ranging from 100 -110 grains in weight, which were built using either 257 or 277 calibre jackets that he had progressively swaged down. These bullets did not come apart, but he considered they were excessively time consuming to make, as the jackets had to be annealed at each draw down stage.

Gary then made up some 100 grain bullets using 6mm j4 jackets where he first soldered the lead core. He believed this process although still time consuming was quicker than using 257 or 277 cal jackets. These bullets held together, and shot accurately right up to when maximum pressure was reached at around 3,175 - 3,200 fps.

Unfortunately I did not get to test them extensively at longer ranges, as this rifle (and others) were stolen about 6 months ago. I am about to get another rifle built up and start over again.

You did not mention what rifle you were hoping to use the 100+ grain bullets in.

Hope the above is of some help. Regards, Brian.
i will be using them in a savage actioned 22-243 AI with a 1-7 douglas barrel from sharpshooter supply. also the action will be trued and timed, and i will be putting it in one of sharpshooter supply's lvt stocks.
There are perhaps three bullet makers producing 90-grain HPBT match .224 bullets. They require at least a 1-6.5 twist to stabilize.

Alliant (ATK) - Federal made 100-grain bullets by using M856 tracer jackets and filling them with lead. Accuracy was horrible, but was their effort at making a mass-produced heavy bullet. You may need a 1-6.5 or faster to stabilize due to length/weight.

Powell River Labs in Tennessee produced heavy 5.56mm frangible bullets produced with tungsten dust cores. These bullets did not require faster than 1-7 twist due to their weight/length ratio, but they cost well over $1 each.
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I think the only way a 100gr would hold together at needed velocities is if it was a solid. But this would be even longer, causing you to get into truly custom twists(like 5:1). No way they would shoot well.
You'll be lucky enough to keep 90gr bullets together AND shooting well AND practical at all.
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