223 in a 5R milspec


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Sep 25, 2009
Cheraw S.C.
hey guys.I know most of you like a custom better than a factory but hey lets face it some factory jobs are just as good.I own a 308 in a 5R and it shoots just like you have aready read even with little reloading skills.but hey I am writeing about the 5R in a 223.

got it in the middle of the summer.so testing was hard for me since I have a lawncare buisness.but from the testing that I have already done it seems to me its a shooter.the rifel has a 1:9 twist with the same rifeling.looks just like the 308.now I did some reading and most said that it may not handel a 77g bullet.but I went ahead and bought some anyway.and I am glade that I did.so fare they have been the best weight of choice.been shooting 60g-77g bullets since I have a 223 with a 1:12 for the 35g-55g bullets.

so here is my story.I think its a great rifel for someone who cannot afford a custom job. [ like me ] and with the results that I have I don't think one can complain.shot it yesterday with a 77g NCC with 25.0g of 4007 450 primer about .10 off the lands and made one ragged hole with the last four.but the first shot { cold bore } shot just did go out of the main group.the over all group was a .308 and the main group is a .111.so if you are thinking of a 223 case and wanted a factory rifel with a 1:9 twist I would think about a 5r in a 223.but hey ists JMHO so don't take my word.but from what I 've seen and owning one in a 308 all so tells me that remington has put out a great line of rifels.and I just cannot waite till I can get one chambered in a 300wm.

Just thought that I would share so don't hate me or put me down guys.and I really like this site.it gives me peace when I can rely on your honest opinions or info.thanks for takeing the time to read my post.and sorry for not being a real writer.writeing has never been one of my better things to do jusy type what I have to say and go from there.thanks again and would like to here what ya'll think .John
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