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Jul 29, 2003
I just bought my first longrange gun. What is the best bullet weight for a 1:9 twist barrel. load data please
I use a Hornady 68gr match with 25.6gr BLC2
and a small magnum primer in my Colt 6724.
I have a 24" barrel on my Colt so I tend to stick with the slower powder for the heavier match bullets. I have used the same load for the 75gr match Hornady bullets also but the 68gr bullets shoot slightly better. Another good powder for the 223 is H335 which I mostly used with the lighter bullets like Hornady 52gr match 55gr Vmax and 52gr Amax. I used 24.8gr H335 and a small magnum primer for the lighter stuff. All loads made 1 hole at 100yds except the 75gr match which made a slight clover leaf. The H335 will work for the heavier bullets if you have a barrel that is shorter than mine. Good luck!
HBAR, I'm using that load you gave me, 24.8grs. H335, 52AMax, but I'm using the 71/2 Rem. primer, do you think I could do better with a Win. or the small magnum primer your using? My group size/accuracy is just not showing a consistentcy, I do have 1000 Win primers, so It would be no problem to try em' out. I guess I'm asking if you ever tried Rem primers? Thanks, Jay
Jay ball powders usually dictate a magnum primer!!! As a rule of thumb I always use a magnum primer with ball powders and have been rewarded by doing this. I use a CCI450 with that H335 load. Absolutely one bullet hole at 100 with my Colt hbar.

The 24.8 grains of H-335 behind a 52grain A-max sounds right to me!! Many a woodchuck and a few deer have fallen to that load.

Yo H-bar 25yo6......30 Hart!!
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