220 matchking loads for 300 weatherby



i've shot 2 different loads out of my29" hart barrel,1:10 twist.high end charges of rl/22 and rl/25.velocities are 2900 for rl/22 and 2980 for rl/25.3 shot groups at 300 yards were not what i expected.
2" at 300 yards.i currently shoot 200 gr bullets at 3000 fps,they shoot good. but i'm looking for something great.i saw in sierra manual they got thier best accuracy at 2700 fps.should i slow em down?any suggestins accepted.thanks,jason--------grat forum!
come on guys,certainly some of you have some experience with heavy bullets (200-240) in 300 mags.what velocity do they shoot at.
i dont stink do i

No, you don't stink!!

I don't shoot a 300 Weatherby but I do shoot a 300 Win Mag but nt the heavy bullets.

I believe each gun,owner and load is a seperate entity and you need to find what your gun shoot best. The heaviest bullets I've shot from my 300 Win Mag are factory loaded Black Hills match 190 grain. The gun will put them into .4 to .5 inches at 100 yards. I shoot my handloaded 180 Nosler Ballistic Tips at 3150fps and they group in the .5 MOA area also.

Your gun is shooting .66 MOA at 300 yards with your current load. Try going up and down a bit in velocity and see it it opens up but I'd suspect that if the group decreases significantly at lower velocity it's a technique problem rather than ballistics.

Welcome to Long Range Hunting and we'll talk again.
Hello 300

The 220 will shoot much better further out if that's your objective.
I have several 300 Weatherby's for 1000 yd match shooting and also for LR hunting. Some are my wifes guns and some are mine.
The secret as you know is to get away from the Weatherby "Free Bore" and have a custom barrel chambered correctly and get rid of the free bore.
Some of our 300 Weatherbys are in the 16 1/2 lb class and others are in the Heavy Benchrest class.

My loads in the 30" barrels (some are .950" at the muzzle and others are 1.450" at the muzzle) are 77 Gr of RL 22 with the 220 Gr Sierra and a Federal 210 Match primer. You don't need a mag primer in it.
With the 240 Gr bullets, I cut the load to 72 grs of the same powder.
Another good load for the 200gr or the 220 is 75.5 grs of H 4831.
I have used 80 grs of RL 25 with the 200 gr Sierra with good results also.

The accuracy range for the 220 gr seems to be right around 3000 to 3040 FPS for my friends 300 Webs and mine also.

A 29" barrel should only make a difference of 25 to 35 FPS in velocity.

The above loads worked fine in my guns and of course I take NO responsibility as to what it does in any other rifle.

Good shooting
Darryl Cassel
thanks darrell,i hope to talk to you a liitle this weekend at williamsport.these bullets/loads are in development for possible competition/hunting.jason snyder
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