Twist rate for 220gr Sierra Matchking in 300 RUM

Hey Brent,

Thanks for the data! I'm working on a load for a new rifle. Just been forming brass and chronographing a few loads to get in the ball park so to speak. The barrel is a Lilja 11 twist three grove 30 1/2". I notice your velocity is greater with less powder. Are you using a 210 primer? I'm working with 94 to 96grns Retumbo and only running 3205fps with a CR 216 moly bullet. And H50BMG, 102grns for 3080fps. RL 25 at 94.0grns is beginning to show some pressure on the base, but the primers are not flat. These are all 215 primers, maybe I'll run some 210s and see what happens.
Any thoughts?

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