22-250 ack or 22-243 ACK 500 yrd benchrest with 100 Wildcat bullets

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  1. reed mosser

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    Sep 16, 2003
    I've narrowed down my choices to 2 for the 100gr wildcat bullet that richard is going to make. I will be mainly using this gun for 500 yrd groundhog shoots, but may also take a poke at 1000 yard shooting in ohio. I think I have two good case's to pick from. I loved my last fast twist 22-250 ack but my only complant was winchester brass. So I switched to 22-243 imp for the laupa brass. I not really sure if I want the extra case captivity for shooting mainly 500 yards. I see know that nosler is making brass for the 22-250 it is supposed to be with .5 grain weight tolerances. Is this nosler brass any good? I really don't like the norma 22-250 brass, and winchester brass is average quality. This is mainly going to be a bench gun so quality brass is very important to me. Any info will be appreciated for this new project. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif Thanks Reed
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    Aug 15, 2004
    what dont you like about the 22-250 Norma brass ????? it is the best unless you have a fit of stupid and make 22-250 brass out of 243 Lapua like I did. If you really want to use domestic brass Federal is head and shoulders better in this chambering than Win. or Rem. my 22-250 ack imp's made out of Lapua 243 brass are the best but I have 200 hours into 100 cases , it really depends on what size your reamer is if this is going to be a bench gun in 22-250 Imp. most reamers are oversize in this chambering making Win. brass the least desireable because it is the most undersized (.005 smaller in the web area than Norma or Fed.) as far as the 22-243 Ack you can use Lapua brass and be happy as long as you use a fast twist barrel (1-8 or 1-9) for VLD's(75-80gr) I have no idea what either would do with 100grainers but you would need a really FAST twist barrel to spin them.
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    May 29, 2001
    Get her ready..the first match of the season in only 12 days away.....MARCH 19th....don't worry about sight-in, you have a sighter target at each distance at this match, some people already are shooting such animals at this match..I'm sure they'd love to see another one to help with...