210 gr. TTSX from a .338 Ultra Mag.


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Jan 22, 2008
I was down at the sporting store the other day hoping to pick up some 225 TTSX's to try in my .338 RUM but of course they didnt have any and they were'nt going to see them anytime soon. so I decided to pick up some 210's instead. I'm curious if my 1-10 barrel will stabilize them or not, but figured I'd try anyway. I have a load with 300 grain matchkings already for longer shots but wanted something a little flatter shooting, to say 500-600 yards. I picked up a lbs. of RL 25 and some Retumbo, so I think that I'll be going with RL 25. anybody got any load data for this combo, or maybe another choice in powder?

A few years back I was shooting 210 barnes xlc out of my 338 rum. My recipe was 97 gr of rl 22 and it gave me a mv of 3350. I use reloader 25 now with my 225 accubonds, 97 grs. Retumbo will probably be too slow burning to get max velocity, same with h-1000 with the lighter bullets.
I figured that the Retumbo would be too slow, Thats what I generally use for 300gr. load. Ill give it a try with RL 25 and start at 97 grains, if I dont get good velocities Ill step down to RL 22. thanks
RL22 will probably work well, as will IMR 7828 which is just a hair slower. No reason that light bullet would not stabilize in your barrel since it stabilizes the 300 gr SMK. It ought to be very flat out to 500 yards.
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