208 Barnes Lrx in a 9 twist


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Feb 24, 2014
Alberta ,Canada
Anybody tried a 208 Lrx in a 1-9 tw ?
Getting a 300 prc 1-9 and just wondering if it's a waste of money and components to try the 208's
I believe they call for a 1-8.5 .
I shoot the 212 in a 8.5 twist 300 PRC. It is a specialty round as there is only one driving band at the back of the bullet, so it has to be single loaded. OAL is 3.950.

Looking at the bullet (212) on a website there are groves in the bullet. The bullets I have are smooth with a driving band at the base.
Make sure the bullet you want has grooves (driving bands) at the midsection of the bullet.