2017 LRH Group Coues Deer Hunt With Ward's Outfitters

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    May 2, 2001
    I had a great time with several of our LRH members this year (2016). We all took very nice bucks. We had multiple opportunities almost every day. I'm in the final editing stages on my 2016 Coues Deer Hunt Report. When we publish it in a week I'll link to it here.

    Update - Hunt Report - 2016 LRH Group Coues Deer By Len Backus

    So LRH is going back in 2017. But -- I will not be able to go in 2017.

    I was gone from home 82 days last year on hunts, shoots and hikes and 90% of it was without my wife. So when I got home from this trip after being gone two weeks to SHOT Show and the hunt I decided to wait a few days before springing it on my wife that I was going back again next year.

    Well, I am glad I waited since this gave her the chance to tell me she was ready to go on a long international trip that we had talked about for years. It'll be 3 weeks in Australia and new Zealand during our winter season which is their summer/fall. She deserves my support on this decision since she's been amazing in her support of my own hunt related travel.

    So with that additional travel commitment for 2017, I feel I can't do the Coues hunt.

    But some of you guys should because it's just a great hunt with a top notch outfitter.
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    May 2, 2001
    Hunting for Coues deer is one of the most classic long range, spot and stalk type of hunts available. Expect to spend hours at a time using your optics to find the buck of your choice. And then plan your stalk. Some of the best stories I read in print magazines many years ago were about Coues deer hunting.

    Steven Ward has been having incredible success in Arizona and in Mexico on Coues deer with many record book trophies. In fact one of his clients holds the SCI World Record of 135 - 7/8 inches.



    Coues Deer Hunt In 2017 Using Rifle
    • Hunt cost is $4,900
    • $2,450 deposit
    • Mexico Firearm fee is $300
    • License fee included
    • Ward's Outfitters
    • Long range friendly outfitter
    • One on one guiding
    • Total of 4 hunters (Len cannot come in 2017)
    • Coues deer buck
    • Outfitter has 99% opportunity rate
    • Meals and lodging, DELUXE accommodations
    • Hunt takes place from truck, ATV and on foot
    • January 3 to 7 in 2017 are actual hunt dates. During the rut. Arrive on 2nd, depart on 8th
    • Meet outfitter in Tucson, Arizona
    • Hunt location is on a ranch one and a half hour drive south of Tucson in Mexico riding in outfitter's vehicle
    • Temps are as low as mid 30's over night, warming to 50's or 60's.
    • You may bring your meat back to the US.
    • US Passport needed
    • You snooze, you lose! This filled quickly last year.
    To commit, tell me in this forum thread and send me an email. Download the Hunt Agreement, sign and send copy to outfitter along with the $2,450 deposit.

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