2021 LRH Group Hunt For Elk With Non-Typical Outfitters

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May 2, 2001
Once again, another LRH Group Elk Hunt with Non-Typical Outfitters in Western Wyoming for the 2021 hunting season!

You know that the hunters always have an absolutely wonderful time. Past group hunters would agree that there is a special camaraderie that develops very quickly in the LRH Group Hunt camps compared with other hunts they've been on.

If you dream of glassing some of the most beautiful high country imaginable and are willing to work hard, trust your guide and keep a positive, tough mental attitude until the last minute of the last day you will a have a great opportunity to find a mature bull.

The areas hunted hold a lot of elk partly because they are challenging to hunt. The horses do most of the hard work but if you come in good shape you will enjoy the experience so much more and have a better chance at success.

There is virtually no flat ground anywhere we hunt so practice as much as possible setting up quickly for mid to long range shots on uneven ground. The opportunities can come and go in a flash in the mountains. I would HIGHLY recommend arriving at camp early enough to take advantage of Robb's condensed version of his mountain shooting class. That short class session will increase your odds exponentially on this and future hunts.


Here is all the important information from Robb and Dr. Brenda Wiley about the 2021 LRH Group Elk Hunt:

The majestic rugged mountains of western Wyoming with Non-Typical Outfitters.
When? October 27-31 2021.

This Western Wyoming elk hunt is an authentic mountain horseback adventure that provides high opportunity and high success rates. Western Wyoming is one of the last strongholds of really good, wild, wilderness public land elk hunting. Over the years of offering the LRH group hunt we have had tremendous success together.

The afternoon before the hunt, NTO will be offering a smaller version of their 3 day shooting class to all hunt participants. Steel targets are used in real hunting scenarios from 300 to 900 yards. There is nothing better for confidence before a hunt than having the ability to validate at camp before the hunt begins. We will be teaching all hunters valuable proven shooting positions that will improve everyone’s personal shooting success in rough mountainous terrain.

This a rare and valuable opportunity to connect with other LRH enthusiasts and like minded hunters, all while sharing a life changing hunting experience together. Come connect and hunt with your people. Here are some pictures of some of the past Non-Typical Outfitter’s successes.

To reserve for 2021 you must first indicate in the forum thread your commitment to immediately send in a deposit check to the outfitter. Download the booking form HERE, print out and mail to the outfitter. Indicate on the Booking Form that you are signing up for the 2021 LRH Group Elk Hunt.

Bull elk hunt:
  • Hunt cost is $5,495 for two-on-one guiding, or one-on one for $6,995
  • License cost is $707 (Regular Draw 2020), or $1283 (Special Draw 2020)
  • With Non-Typical Outfitters (BG351)
  • Total of 8 to 10 hunters in camp for rifle
  • Bull elk
  • Rifle
  • Very high success rate and even better for those in good shape that are good shooters
  • Drive-in wall-tent camp
  • Horseback each day
  • High country wilderness (7,000 to 8,000 feet)
  • Long Range friendly outfitter
  • Two-on-one guiding (perfect for shooter/spotter teams)
  • RIFLE - Oct. 27 - Oct. 31, 2021 (a 5 day hunt)
  • Deposit of $1,000 is only requirement until successful draw in 2021
  • Three elk preference points needed in Regular Draw
  • Two points needed for the more expensive Special Draw. (based on 2020 draw odds)
  • Wyoming general state wide tag
  • Buy one preference point now HERE -- by October 31, 2020.
  • You snooze, you lose!


C:2.jpg3.jpg2019 elk 7.jpeg4.jpg2019 elk.PNGIMG_1044.JPG
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I'm gonna tag in on this thread. I'm going talk to a couple of friends and see if any of them want to join me if they have points. If I can swing the funding I may be in on this one. Sent off a deposit for a 2022 safari and it has put a serious dent in my recreation fund. Ha ha
For any of you guys thinking about going I can tell you this will be my 5th hunt with Robb and company if I go. I have hunted Elk twice with them as well as a bear and an antelope hunt. You won't hunt with a bunch that puts in more work than these guys to get you on the animal you are looking for. Do your part on the fitness and be proficient with your weapon and you will have a hunt that you won't soon forget.


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