200gr. Accubond vs. 200gr. Sierra Game King: 300 Win Mag


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Apr 19, 2008
I'm having issues with the accubond tips breaking off frequently but I'm a little nervous of shooting match bullets.

Any opinion?
Game Kings... I'm a little on the fence with using the match styled bullets in sub-338 cartridges.

The tips breaking off happened quite frequently when I was in Montana hunting Antelope. Just with with basic loading they would break off going in to the chamber.
What kind of performance were you getting with the200 accubonds? I just bought a box of 200 gr accubonds to try in my 300 win mag along with the 210 gr berger vld.
I've never had that problem with the AB's. I've used the 180's a lot in my 300 WM and really like their performance. I had a bad experience with this same gun using 180 Gamekings. Shot a large Mulie at around 300 yds right behind the shoulder. Got about 1-1/2 - 2" of penetration and ended up chasing him for a couple of hours. I was lucky to find him. I still have the same box of Gamekings sitting on the shelf, haven't touched them since. I have been having a hard time deciding what bullet to use in my 300 RUM but will probably stay with the 200 AB's. All in all, I really like them and the BC's are decent. Wish I could shed some light on the tips, not too sure why that is happening. Were they all from the same lot, you could get a bad lot I guess.
Yeah they were coming from the same lot. I'm trying to decide on a second bullet just in case.

I was kicking around the idea of 210 Bergers but I really don't know much on their hunting ability in SUB 300 RUM type cartridges.

I know a guy that has killed a few elk past a 1000 with that combo but the 200 Accubond is working well for me so far. I just haven't heard much of anything on that bullet killing past 600yds except for my antelope at 610 this year.
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