2004 Whitetail season over for me...


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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
Well, This is a pic of the whitetail I havested this last Saturday evening.

I saw the buck the night before but a bush saved him from taking a ride in the truck but I set up in a better location the second night and suprisingly to me he came back down the hill inteh same spot.

The shot was not overly long, around 260 yards but he was right on a property line so I had to take a neck shot to ensure he dropped in his tracks.

Anyway, the rifle is one of my own that is chambered for the 257 STW shooting the 130 gr Wildcat Bullets Bonded Core FBHP.

THis rifle load combo is producing 1 1/4" three shot groups at 500 yards so I was not overly concerned about clipping this big bucks neck at this range.

I would have liked to have tested the 130 gr bullet with a solid body hit but I was more interested in putting him on the ground instantly, especially after having him walk away the night before.

He is a typical 4x5 but just scoring him as a 4x4 he nets 150" B&C. He as alot of character in his eye guards, the right one is 9" long with a dramatic cork screw on teh top and the other is 8" with a deep rearward curl, much like a pronghorn.

His G2's and G3's are quite long and both his main beams are 24 3/8" long.

This is not the highest scoring whitetail I have harvested but he is by far the largest frame, highest and oldest buck I have taken so far.




His live weight was right at 340 lbs. Massive whitetail, even for Montana.

Good Shooting!!

Kirby Allen(50)
Great story, but can't see your pics! Congratulations on your hunting success!!! Rifle season opens this weekend here in South Texas! I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice going Fifty! You guys have been taking some nice animals.

I can see your images. They're a bit pixilated (spelling?) but that doesn't make it any lesser of a trophy.

Way to go.

Nice buck! Wish we had 'em in N.C. like that. The farmers would be crying and probably going to more **** cotton! We get six deer tags here (4 bucks/2 does) but I'd be happy with just one(like that!) Good shooting also. Johnny K.
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