2 questions: Ruger Express and caliber choice


Nov 19, 2002
Have a trade offer for a Ruger Express in 7mm Rem Mag. Looks great and has iron sights, which I like. Anyone have any first hand experience with the accuracy and quality of this rifle?

If accuracy isn't great, can anything be done to accurize using stock barrel (trigger job is probably a first step)?

Secondly, for longer range shots at elk or moose, is 7mm Rem Mag a good choice or do you prefer 300 Win Mag?

I have had a few Ruger #1 rifles and none of them shot great. Even my heavy varmint models didn't shoot better than 1 inch or so. The problem is usually found in the two piece stock and hanger set-up.
There are a few smiths who specialize in accurizing the #1's, so if you are not satisfied with the accuracy, there are things that can be done to improve it.

The idea of having a 7mm mag with open site seems a bit odd to me. The mags really shine when shooting at longer ranges and that is something rarely done with open sights.

Personally, I prefer the clean lines of a barrel without sights, especially if it wears a scope. But if you like the sights then by all means make the trade.

I think the 300 mags would have a slight edge on the 7's when your talking about shooting moose.

Just my 2 cents - VH
the express was a high dollar version of the plain vanilla 77. the length of the action would make a killer bigger custom. possibly a 338 lm or big 30-378 roy
All of the Ruger bolt guns I have ever shot were accurate. Some however had triggers that needed help. My KM77VT has a great 2 stage trigger and is super accurate. I know at least Timney offers a nice replacement trigger for a Ruger. There may be others!!!
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