1st speed goats


Oct 18, 2011
My daughter and I were lucky enough to get a couple of nice bucks by Morcroft, WY. This was our first chance to hunt together. She did a great job stalking this buck and then had to wait 30 minutes for a clear shot. The herd never new she was there, after the shot they almost ran over her when they took off. She made a 215yd shot with a 120 Cor-Lokt from a Savage LRH 25-06. I took my goat with a 309yd shot. Both animals dropped where they stood.


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Nice job, sounds like a real fun hunt. Congrats. Those .25's are so sweet, a man should have several in the safe.
This is a great hunt for kids and newer hunters, lots of animals and lots of opportunities. Even if you get busted on a stalk it's still a lot of fun trying to get to get close.
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