1st Mountain Goat, 1st 338 Edge success.

Michael Eichele

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Jan 6, 2003
The rifle range, or archery range or behind the co
To all,

I dont have time for the whole story and all the pics. Here is one pic to tantilize you.

This is my first goat and my edge's (Avril) first harvest. One of many to come (I hope!)

Story and more pics of this outstanding adventure will come soon.

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Well done Mick!

Where is the story? How far? Details, Details please.

Looks about 100 degrees colder than it is here at the moment.
Great looking goat, we are waiting for the story and details, and more pictures. Well done. That is going to be one great looking mount.
That's awesome Michael. Look forward to the rest of the story when you have time. Did you get a chance to go after some Coues Deer as well?
Nice goat!! Most guys would never guess just how big a goat is and how tough they are. They hae to be tough just to survive where they live. I can understand going with the 338, I have seen a few real hammer heads that have gone 350 pounds on the hoof. They sure have a stocky build and serious muscle mass.

Looks like his horns are pushing 10 inches long, scores in the high 40's?
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