17hm2 bore guide

I would tend to think not. The idea of a bore guide is to keep the cleaning rod off of the rifling.

Having said that, it will work but not give the protection for which a bore guide should give.
i couldnt find one for my 17hmr. so a gunsmith made me one. its from some type of hard plastic. just a cylinder shape with a bolt in it. which slides into the action and locks down like the rifles's bolt does. (of course with the right size hole down the centre)
maybe ask your smith to make you one.
Will a bore guide for a 22 caliber work ok for use in a 17hm2?

The poor boy way is to take a fired case and drill the case large enough to push a rod and
patch through it.

This will work until you can find a purpose made bore guide for it.

Simply insert the modified case in the chamber and clean. to remove it use the bolt and
extract it.

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