178 Amax trajectory


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Dec 26, 2006
I was trying out these 178's and some 180 BT match bullets (Unknown origin) at 950 yards. The Amax's needed noticeably more up elevation adjustments. Anyone else noticed this compared to other match bullets at this weight range? The day before at 32 degrees, the 180 used 36 MOA with 100 yard zero. The 178's used about 39 MOA at 20 degrees the next day. I only had a few rounds of the 178's left so the exact MOA isn't known yet. Looking at the JBM charts, the temp change shouldn't have made much difference. The Amax used 55 gr IMR 4350 and the 180 had 54-55 gr IMR 4350 ( will have to check for sure, but no more than 55) Thank you.


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