178 Amax's in .308?


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Mar 4, 2002
So I got a few of above, some Lapua brass, some BR2's and all the usuals - BLC-2, Varget and RL-15. In Hornady's book, max Varget load is 43.2 and RL15 is 41.4 but not the exact same set of components. I google to just compare and tons of people are loading several grains above that with both powders as their warm load. What gives? Hornady's book a little light? I am not interested in a nuclear load but where's this discrepancy coming from?
try 43-44g of varget.this works for a 175g smk.3 more grains want hurt.some even use up to 45g of varget.just work up and look for pressure signs and you should find a sweet spot.gun)
Compare the low max loads in the Hornady loading manual to the maximum on the websites for those powder makers.

http://data.hodgdon.com/main_menu.asp (for Varget and BL-C2, loaded at 2.800 COAL)
Varget max is 45.0gr and BL-C2 max is 46.0gr (for both 175 and 180gr bullets)

Alliant Powder - Reloader's Guide (RL-15 loaded at 2.800 COAL)
RL-15 max is 45.0gr (for 180gr bullet)

For Varget and RL-15 there is an accuracy node at 45.0gr and most people use the accuracy node at 43.5/43.6gr. If you want a modest load there is also an accuracy node at 42.2gr. I found with the 178gr AMAX bullets that I needed to have a jump of .015 to .020 to maximize accuracy (jump from ogive to lands).
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I use 45 grains of varget and show no pressure signs, I think these bullets are awesome and I too had to seat them out further than my smk to get them to group good.
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