175smk in a 7RUM

I was just wondering if a guy with a 7rum with a 9 1/4 twist can shoot a 175 smk even though they recommend a 8.5. If so dose any body have any good loads.

I don't know who recommends the 8.5 twist but the 1 in 9 or 1 in 9.25 is perfect !!!!

At 1000 yards the 1 in 9.25 is the preferred twist in a 7 Rem Mag at 3100+ ft/sec and
the rum will bump the velocity buy several hundred feet per second faster than the
Rem Magnum.

There are lots of powders that will do well in the big RUM 7828,H1000,Retumbo,H5010
and H869.

good luck.

My 7rum has a 9 twist and handles the 180 bergers just fine at about 3200fps.
I agree with JE 175's should be no problem in a 9.25T.
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