16X tactical scopes

Tough choice!! I would probably go with the IOR first, Nikon second.

The glass quality of the IOR and the MP8 reticle edges out the other 2. Especially out to 600 yds.

All 3 are great choices for that rifle.

All 3 have excellent customer service.

Good luck with whatever one you get..sakofan..
TQA, just about any scope will have adequate internal elevation to shoot to 600y. In that caliber/bbl length, you'll need to come up about 14 MOA from your 100y zero, presuming a 168 or 175 MK load.

But I can't blame you for wanting a 16x scope -- it's what I consider to be the nearly perfect all-around magnification.

If you want to try a much less expensive, but high quality alternative, I have a Tasco SS 16x42, as-new condition but no box, for $289 shipped.

If you can live with a duplex reticle version of the Leupold Mark 4, I have one in nearly flawless condition in the original box (albeit the older style black packaging), w/shade and BC flip-up covers. Has the barest trace of ring marks, but you have to look hard to see them. $819.00 shipped. FYI, the 16x Mark 4 has a total of 140 MOA internal elevation. (My scope's serial number is 281694A). Digital pics of either upon request. SOLD PENDING FUNDS.

Selling because I have five 16x scopes and several more variables in that range. Too much stuff!

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