Nikon 4x-16x-50mm Tactical scope.

Ian M

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May 3, 2001
Sask. Canada
Got one of these puppies today and it looks very sharp and bright - about fourteen times brighter than any Burris I have ever looked through, maybe seventeen times better than the 8.5x-25x-50 Leupold and twenty times better than any IOR
- and it pushes my 3.5x-15x-50 NXS very hard.

(Before any individuals with strong brand allegiance tendencies respond, I have never handled an IOR, only 8.5-25 Leupy I have ever looked through was in a Cabela's Bargain Cave and I have still got eye-aches from my **** Black Diamonds and Signatures cause they are so bright...).

Anyhow, this is a nice scope, I did a bunch of the prototype testing for Nikon so it is not exactly a surprise. The prototypes gave my NXS a pretty good run, will get this one out in the field and see how it compares. More CWD culling planned, might get a chance shortly. Whitetail season starts this coming week but I am invited to a muzzleloader hunt with the new Knight Revolution rifle, got to save my tag for that.


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Sep 26, 2001
North, Texas
Lets us know what you come up with and how it works out.

Saw a 2.5-10 at the last gunshow for $825.00 almost bought it.


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Mar 26, 2003
Orange County
Been researching the Nikon Tactical 4-16x50 myself, where can you find the best price? I found a wholeseller "Greensupply" for $737 (mil-dot)but they won't sell to end-users. SWFA wants $1K and won't match prices
(Internet pricing is usually around $799).

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