15X for 1000 yrd Groundhog?????


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Dec 26, 2003
I know absolutely nothing about this long range stuff but I want to shoot a ground hog at 1000 yards.

Looking at the Nightforce line and prefer the 50mm objective, but the mag only goes up to 15.5 ..... Is this enough? Will it work?
qick rule is

if you see and reach with a iron sight rifle a ground hog at 75 yards so the power is 1 ( no power in fact )

at 1500 yards

1500/75 = 20 power to get same image or view of your target confortable

if you reverse the calculus

1500 / 15 ( the power of your scope ) = 100 yards

so if you sucess to sight and reach a ground hod at 100 yards with iron sight ( good eyes ) you can reach the ground hog at 1 K

last point to check is reticule thickness to not hide the target at 1000 yards

good shooting

Dixie Freedom,
What time of day do you plan to nail this
1000yd GROUND GRIZZLY?, early a.m.?, middle
of the day?, or earlyp.m.?. Depending on the
time or season of year that you decide to
pursue your quest, MIRAGE, will be the
prevailing factor as to what power[x], you
will need to veiw afforementioned ground
grizzly. Myself, and my Cohorts always try
to get the longer distance victims early on,
in morning, or wait untill evening, when the
mirage isnt as bad, or is not prevalent.
I use a 10x unertl,20xunertl,6xto18xleupold,
6.5xto20xleupold,. One nice thing about the
variable's is that during mid-morning to late
afternoon when the mirage is most prevalent,
you can adjust the power lower to enable to
see thru the "SWIMMING POOL", as it is
sometimes refered to.

Where is Cross Creek PA?
I live down south closer to Chambersburg

Well, actually I would want to shoot them all day!

I would probably just get the higher magnification Nightforce except for that bigger objective...

I could hit a ground hog at 100 with irons... so maybe I would be ok
Dixie Freedom,

You'll be fine with the nightforce, and
its large objective, you will find that
whenever the mirage is bad, the veiw thru
your scope using the higher power's of
magnification, will give you a HEADACHE,
and distort your target. Turning the scope
down to a lower power, won't magnify the
mirage as much, and will enable you to veiw
your target a little bit better.

Crosscreek P.A., is in S.western P.A.,
in washington cty. Lot's of "rolling hill's",
and we still have some farm's to groundhog
hunt,. I had 2 kill's this past season that
were just a little over 700yds, these 2 kill's took 3 shot's apeice, 2 sighter's,
and 1 for the coup-de-grace.

Hope my info help's you.

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