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Oct 20, 2011
Anyone shooting the 127 LRX? How far off the lands are you getting the best accuracy? I am just starting load development on a 6.5X47 and thought I would give these a try. Have never used a copper bullet so they are all new to me. Thought I would start them at 50 off and work my way up to 70 off as I have heard they like jump. Got a load developed for the 130 Accubond but it was slow and I hit pressure at 41 gr of H4350. Any tips would help. Thanks.
Have been messing with the 127 in a savage creedmoor and superformance powder. Still in troubleshooting mode. Shoot some really tight groups then bad flyers show up out of nowhere (opening group to 2-3"). Its odd. Have some 140 BT that Ive been using as a control and put 8 rounds into 1.2" at 100. May purchase a concentricity tool to see if something is out of whack. That being said I've shot it at 500 and 1040yd and same deal. Tight group then a round or two that is way out.
I used to shoot them in my 6.5x55 swede, but I didn't care for the perfomance on game @ 2550. I jumped mine .030. Switched back to nosler and berger bullets at the same seating depth.

I'm going to try the rest of them in my new 6.5x284. I'll let you know what happens.

In two rifles I used them for hunting. The larger case came in at .180" from the lands. That's about 3/16". The smaller case came in at .120". That's about 1/8". When I coated the bullets with hbln the one running .180" moved to about .120". The other didn't change.
Wow that's a lot of jump! From the replies I've gotten I'm not getting a good feeling on the LRX. Maybe I'll stick with the Accubond or the 130 Berger.
I am in Canada and don't think Hammer ships here. It would be nice to try the Hammer bullet. This 6.5X47 is going to be my tree stand/carry rifle, so shots could be 30-50 yds out of the stand or maybe out to 3-400 yds if hunting fields. But I have other guns for more open country hunting. The Accu Bond was shooting ok at 2750 fps. Thought it would be faster but may have to much bearing surface. I'll run a few 130 Bergers and see how they shoot. The Bergers are awesome out of my RBROS 6.5X47.
I have run them in a couple rifles. I would try a couple steps of seating depth. .025/.050/.075/.100. My 26 likes .050, my 6.5-284 and 260 like .075. The lrx is by far the most accurate bullet in my 26, very consistent nice groups.

If you decide not to use them shoot me a pm, I am in canada too and I will take them off your hands or maybe we can trade some bullets.
Not with the 127lrx. I got a bear with the 30 cal 175 from a 300wsm at about 150 yards. Pretty much typical ttsx performace. Maybe this year I will get something a bit further out and have more of an opinion on them. I have had good luck with the ttsx in a few guns, I expect the lrx is going to be good as well.
I run them in my 6.5 SLR @ 3040fps w. .050" jump. They shoot phenomenally. My daughter used them to take her big muley buck late November at 637 yards. One and done, dropped at the shot like he was hit by lightning.

Thanks lancetkenyon. I believe I seen you post that pic on a different thread. Was one reason why I thought I would try the LRX. I know there is always different factors that affect terminal performance. But the LRX has me worried as to how many guys are saying they are hard to get to shoot and that they are not happy with on game performance. Maybe I will run a few more and see how they shoot. Was the exit size small? I have heard from other guys that it was only caliber size. How far off the lands are you shooting the LRX?
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