1000yrd 30cal


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Jul 18, 2003
Hello everyone,
I was just wondering about wich of the best rounds in 30cal for up to 1000yrds. I'm in between 30-378 and 30-338 Lapua Improved. I need to know veocity out of the barrel for 173grn. I would also like to know which is most accurate at 1000yrd. I am going to build a tactical rifle in one of these cals, but not sure which as of yet.The barrel will be about 28-30". I would like to know facts and opinons. I know that the 30-378 was developed in the 50's for the army as a long range sniper round,if I'm not mistaken it was doing less than 5" groups at that time.The 338 was designed as a sniper round as well, other than that I don't know loading data or anything for it in 30cal. Thank You for you time and info.
One of the gun rags did a test of the Weatherby 30-378 Tactical rifle a few months back. Guns and Ammo, I think, but not exactly sure.
It sure looks like one sweet rifle, if you can afford the cost to pull the trigger. The price was competitive with a full custom rig. They were getting sub 1/2 moa groups at 300 yards. Not sure why they did not shoot it out at useful distances, but that is the way the commercial rags do those things. Test something for shooting way out there and just test it in close. If only I was in charge.............

You might look into it.
.308 Baer,Use Norma .340 Weatherby brass.Check the 1000yrd comp stats.It been one heck of a 1000 yard cartridge for quite a few years.I had one built on a Model 700 action a couple of years ago.Just neck down the .340 brass in one pass then fire form(Blow the shoulder out)

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