1000 yards around Bozeman Montana


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Oct 13, 2014
Anyone know of anyplace to get out to 1000 yards around Bozeman? I'm thinking I might have to go to Townsend. It may be the closest, but any help is appreciated.

Your kidding right! How about BLM. I am from Dell and like most of MT there are thousands of acres of BLM land to shoot long range on.
Good grief man I shoot 1000 yards out my back door. In 10 minutes of driving we have countless areas of open range public lands that permit shooting to miles not yards.
This is what MT is about!
Go to your local BLM office and get the maps of your area that show all public lands both state and BLM and head for the hills.
I agree. Go find some rocks to shoot. You guys have it good. Up here in the NW there are too many trees and too many people to find easy spots to shoot far. We just have to drive for a bit to get some good targets.

If you are looking for a range with benches and such that is a different question.

I bring my targets with. A wood pallet makes a good target stand. I get wall paper remnants from the second hand store and staple those with the colored side in then make aiming points from black paper commandeered from home school supplies. A 4'x4' white papered pallet with a 12"x12" black center makes a good 1000 yard target. I usually set up several of these at various ranges for a shooting outing.
I like to shoot long range with both modern rifles but also with black powder cartridge rifles. For the BPCR shooting the pallet is nearly all black with just a small amount of white fringe. For this with iron sights the black pallet just shows as a black dot that you just center in the aperture sights.
For anyone living back east or in large cities that have never experienced such shooting you have my personal invitation to visit us in Dell MT and spend time shooting long range with us.
Remember though if you bring it in bring it out!!!
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