Come Shoot 600-1000 yards at Butner, NC


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Dec 25, 2007
Youngsville, NC
There is a match in two weeks. January 26-27,2008. Bring your long range hunting rig and shoot F-Class.
See the North State Shooting Club web site.

Where and Who????

Hi...I live over on the coast near Morehead City. I know where Camp Butner is. Where on the base is the range? Who would we see when we get there? I've never shot longer than 250 except in the military. So since all my stuff is set for those ranges...what are the opportunities to practice, etc.?

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I have been to Butner many times but I couldn't give you directions myself. I can drive there but not give directions. But here is the NSSC website URL. Click on the "range info" link for a visual map and there are links for turn by turn directions also.
I have only fired 1 F-class match there and can't remember what range protocol is for practice firing and getting your drop settings. I would email one of the POCs from the website or maybe Rustystud knows himself.

My guns are all torn apart being reworked over the winter. So have fun fellas!! Sure hope it gets a little warmer!! ;)

North State Shooting Club

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