Southwest Virginia... 1000 yards...

green 788

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Feb 5, 2005
We're hosting regular 1000 (actually 1040) yard shooting competitions in Southwest Virginia, as a promotion of our Practical Long Range Riflery courses...

Next scheduled shoot (tentatively) is November 3rd, a Saturday. Course is shot at 7 stages, with a perfect score being 700 points. Last Saturday a newcomer with a pretty nice 6.5/284 shot a 645 for the win, in pretty shifty winds... he only missed a first round hit on one target. So don't be shy--you may do better than you think. :)

First target is 200 yards, 3 shots at a playing card.

Next six stages are on steel plates... placed at 325, 450, 600, 750, 825, and 1040 yards. Winner will take away some cash, and/or prizes. See website for latest info on the shoot.

For those interested in an affordable long range rifle shooting course, we're offering a two day foundational course for only 300 dollars, plus the 40 dollar range fee (covers both days). You'll get a great understanding of what it takes to connect with the first shot at very long ranges. You'll learn what makes a scope work, ballistics, EASY wind doping, and many practical ways to continue to be a viable rifleman when all your gizmos get lost, stolen, or just go "tango uniform." While Gilbert and Lewis are trying to figure out what to do next without their smart phones, wind meters, angle cosign indicators, mildot masters, whiz-wheels and other gadgetry, you'll know how to use the Mark 1 brain to make the shot... ;)

If you're interested in attending any of our shoots, or attending classes (Fridays and Saturdays unless otherwise arranged)... or if you're simply interested in getting the most from your handloaded ammo, check out the link below.

And thanks for the read... :)

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