1000 yard first attempt

Red Neck

Nov 20, 2001
Austin TX United States of America
I will be going to the deer lease on the 26 of december to attempt a shot at a white tail deer at 1000 yards! Three months ago I set up a corn feeder on the big field (1300 yard shots possible on). I then set up a home made bench rest in a tree line coverd with ghille neting 1002 yards away. The wind will most likley be coming from my 6 oclock tail wind no value. (I will not atempt the shot in high wind!) my rifle is shooting 7.5 inch groups at this range.Rifle Tactical .308 Load Federal 175 gr Gold Metal.(been practcing on watermelons)

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Red Neck,
If your rifle is averaging 7.5 inch groups at a 1,000 yards, you should definitely get involved in competition and do it fast. That is pretty amazing even for a custom rig and would clean up at most any match.
Sory it's not averages just some of my best groups. usualy goes 8.5-9 I wish that 7.5 was the average though. Belive it or not but its a savage!
Red Neck-
That is still amazing accuracy. Sounds you got lucky with a real barn burner of a rifle!
My last few have been real let downs so maybe I am due for a good one like yours.

After reading many of your posts and thinking about this one I feel compelled to reply.

You mention a mule deer at 543, a whitetail at 551 and a jack rabbit a 748. I dont see any reference to shots in the 1000 yard range other than asking about 600 ft/lbs of energy being sufficient to kill a deer and your statement of 1000 yard group sizes.

If you read post from the other folks on the board you'll see numerous mention of practice and rarely does anyone mention shooting beyond what they practice and feel absolutely confident in their ability to kill at that range.

Your statement of "atempt a shot" to me means you're not confident in your ability at this 1000 yard distance.

I suggest you practice a good deal more before shooting at these distances, there's a considerable difference between 750 yards and 1000 yards. Even a 6 o'clock tail wind at 1000 yards is not to be discounted with a rifle in the 308 Win class.
By attempt I mean my first shot at a WHITE TAIL at 1000 yards. There is a first for every thing isn't there! Sory if I havent scored hits on any animals at this range yet. but I have shot 960 rounds at 1000 yards to the moment + if I can get 7.5 inch groups with my set up I feel that is suficent! My fault if I did not post about target practice. I always had the impresion that this forum was about hunting!

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I have deleted your post. I have deleted the posts of 2 others made in response to your inappropriate topic.

Ethics and humane killing are important but this forum is not the place to discuss them.

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Other than that---welcome!

Len Backus

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