1 Scope / 2 Rifles


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Nov 23, 2007
S. W. Wisconsin
In theory it should work, but I believe the problem will be getting access to tighten the base screws with the wrench. Even my guns with super high rings, the wrench will not fit in under the scope.

Better way would be to barely tighten the base screws, set the scope/rings gently in the base holes, then carefully lift it off trying not to move the bases, snug the base screws a little more, then set the scope down again to make sure the base hasn't moved. Repeat 2-3 times till the bases are tight, and the scope will lift on & off easily.

Personally, another base set would be the easy button......


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Apr 10, 2005
My plan is to purchase a second set of bases. The swap‘ed parts would be the original rings attached to the original scope. Thanks For the suggestion about how to tighten the base. If this thing works, I presume that I will have a card with the nominal scope settings for each rifle. For example, adjusting from the .416 to .375 might be L +5 D -3 and from the .375 to .416 it might then be R +5 U+3. Just an example. I would wouldnt be doing any of this but for the fact that the scope on the newly acquired rifle has inadequate eye relief on the scope and it can go no further forward. There are other fixes, such as a higher post to allow for the front of the scope to clear the fixed sight, but if this works, I get by for the cost of a set of Leupold bases. (Plus I get to use the scope that I like for Africa, without purchasing yet another scope)

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