🔴 60 WIDE FoV Scopes with their SPECS (all with at least 9x Top End Magnification)


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Jul 18, 2019
Lima, PERU
🔴 60 WIDE FoV Scopes
with their SPECS —
(at least 9x Top End Magnification)

Beside long range shots my hunts often require quick shots on quarry that pops up close by — one of the challenges and excitements(!) of stalking. 😊

Therefore, I need a scope that has a WIDE field of view (FoV) for those rushed close range shots.

Unfortunately, the bottom end magnification of a scope is rather unreliable indicator of the FoV of a particular scope.
•For example: There are 4-16x scopes that at 4x have a FoV of 35ft (@100y). And other 4-16x scopes at 4x have only a FoV of 23ft! 😟
•Another example: Some 6-24x scopes at 6x have 21ft FoV. Other 6-24x have only 15ft.

🔶 Because some of us need scopes with a wide FoV I assembled the following Scope Specs Table.
It contains the specs of over 60 scopes — all of them have a FoV of 30ft or more (@ 100y).
Most are around $500, some less, some about twice that much.

🔶 Features: All scopes in the table have:
▪ Exposed turrets
▪ Holdoff reticle (evenly spaced hash lines)
▪ Side parallax
▪ 10y minimum parallax

🔶 Specs included in the table:
▪ Weight, length
▪ Type of warranty
▪ SFP or FFP (and if the FFP has thick outside posts or not)
▪ Max. elevation adjustment
▪ MIL or MOA — for turrets and for reticle
▪ IR or not
▪ Details about reticle, turrets, etc. etc.


❌ Attachment:
Scope Specs Table for WIDE FoV Scopes
with at least 9x top end magnification


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