reload data

  1. H

    Reloading 101 again on BRASS casing's

    So I am a header press operator at a brass casing manufacturer and I'm wanting to get in to reloading my basic job is to create the primer pocket and head stamp I also have a little control over the length and the web of the part but the casing capacity/actual web is unknown to me because it's...
  2. H

    101 reloading primers

    So for example a federal 210 primer and so on and so on what is the actual meaning behind the 210 Designation I am a press operator at a brass casing manufacturer and I've noticed that we only use 4 different go-no-go snap gauges so are there only different size primers I assume? But there...
  3. Daegon

    285 eldm

    Throwing this one out again. Trying to get a load for 285 ELDMs out of a 338 RUM with n570 powder. I’m shooting 250 berger elite hunters right now over 97 grains n570 in adg brass but would like some more energy and speed at distance. The load would be shot out of a factory Remington 700 xcr...
  4. Wilson2222

    Primers: Std. vs. Magnum

    Looking for information in regard to using standard (CCI # 400) vs. magnum (CCI # 450) small rifle primers for Lapua 6.5 x 47MM. Please feel free to weigh in on .223 also. Someone said magnum primers work well for .223 and I don't know how much to trust that info. I'm sure it has been...
  5. D

    Least favorite hunting cartridge to handload for?

    What's you least favorite hunting rifle cartridge to handload for among rifles owned and why?
  6. Jud96

    7mm Rem Mag Loads

    Hey all, I’m looking for some loads for a 7mm Rem Mag. I’ve only loaded for one, and that’s my Dad’s Remington 700. The current load we’re shooting is with 162gr ELDs and RL26 in Norma brass using Fed 215M primers. We have tried multiple charge weights and seat lengths and can’t get consistent...
  7. C

    Tubbs lapping bullets?

    Has anyone used these? If so how was the results? Was it worth the time and money? Noticeable results, gains in accuracy or velocity? Thank you Colby
  8. whitetail regulator

    5R mill spec R700 300wm reload data?

    anyone got load data fora 5R R700 mill spec 300wm trying to work a load up for 200gr plus pills...all info is appreciated...thanks