101 reloading primers


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Nov 1, 2020
So for example a federal 210 primer and so on and so on what is the actual meaning behind the 210 Designation I am a press operator at a brass casing manufacturer and I've noticed that we only use 4 different go-no-go snap gauges so are there only different size primers I assume? But there are different types what's going on what system for Designations are used and where do I find the charts or books what am I be looking for I am ignorant and i would like to learn more about my trade.
As in the other thread, there is no common nomenclature. You have basically large and small rifle primers, standard or magnum and match / benchrest primers. Each manufacturer uses a different name scheme.
Benchrest or match primers are supposed to have the most consistent flash/spark intensity. Magnum primers have the hottest/strongest flash for igniting larger powder charges or ball powders. Spark intensity is rated according to "brisance". Numbers used make little sense. Federal is 210 or 215 for std and magnum. CCI is 450 or 250, Rem is 7 1/2 and 9 1/2, Win uses WSR or WLRM? No help there. You also have small and large pistol primers🤯
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