load testing

  1. Petey308

    Yet another ALCO test in work, but my way.

    I know there’s been some testing with these bullets over the years posted here. Results have been mixed it seems, as well as opinions. I’ve been sitting on a few of their offerings for several years now, and am finally going to do my best on giving them a decent test of my own. I’ve decided to...
  2. M

    Cool video about Small pistol Vs Small Rifle Primers

    I came across this interesting video. Granted the testor is just using CCI, but still some really cool info. Enjoy and discuss freely.
  3. H

    Reloading 101 again on BRASS casing's

    So I am a header press operator at a brass casing manufacturer and I'm wanting to get in to reloading my basic job is to create the primer pocket and head stamp I also have a little control over the length and the web of the part but the casing capacity/actual web is unknown to me because it's...
  4. H

    101 reloading primers

    So for example a federal 210 primer and so on and so on what is the actual meaning behind the 210 Designation I am a press operator at a brass casing manufacturer and I've noticed that we only use 4 different go-no-go snap gauges so are there only different size primers I assume? But there...
  5. H

    101 reloading powders

    So I am trying to learn about reloading so really my biggest question at the moment my mentor is telling me that I need such and such powder for different loads so for a example let's say a h380 powder what dose the h and the 380 Designate is there a system that would tell you why that powder...
  6. whirlwindjml

    Anyone load at the range?

    Im always trying to kill as many birds with one stone as possible. lots of dreams and little time... So im sick of loading a pile of stuff in increments and only needing some or being able to use some of it... Like hitting pressure early in the pile of cartridges. I prepped the new brass...