1. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED Fierce RIVAL 28 Nosler

    I have a fierce rival 28 nosler for sale. 65 rounds fired. Pretty much brand new. I am selling because I am a big dude and the stock doesn’t quite fit me how I need it to. I often need custom LOP’s. The Rifle shoots fantastic. I am an Accubond lover and pictured below are two 4 shot groups from...
  2. outdoorsmunn

    Fierce rifles muzzle threads?

    My uncle has a Fierce 6.5 creedmoor that is probably 3-4 years old. I am not sure on the exact model, but I know it has a thumbhole stock and a fluted thin(ish) steel barrel with radial brake. He is wanting my help to order a suppressor since I've got a bunch and I'm familiar with the process...
  3. BlazerBeam

    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 Nosler Fierce Carbon Fury w/ fluted bolt

    Fierce carbon fury with fluted bolt, chambered in 28 Nosler. Fantastic rifle in perfect condition. Only three things have happened with this rifle: 1. Broke in barrel with 30 round shooting/cleaning procedure. 2. Developed two loads: one with 160 Accubond going 3320 FPS and one with 175 ELD...
  4. Blaster01

    Fierce Carbon Fury 300 PRC and Carbon Edge 28 Nosler. IMPRESSED!

    Pretty new to long range shooting and hand loading as well. Bought a Fierce carbon fury in 300 prc yesterday. Bought one box of factory ammo. 6 shots to get zeroed. A few more just to get some down the barrel and become familiar. And then 3 for 3 at 730 yards and 1 for 2 at 1000. This is my...
  5. BlazerBeam

    Fierce Fury 7mm Rem Mag

    SOLD I have a fierce fury 7 Rem Mag for sale with 105 rounds through it. It is a sweet shooter! I just can’t force myself to love a non-30 cal rifle. I thought about rebarreling to a 30 Nosler or something, but just ended up buying a completely new fierce in 300 RUM and am now selling...
  6. D

    New Member Introduction

    Although I am technically a new member I have been reading through the forum on a regular basis for several years. I have been shooting, reloading and hunting since I was a youngster. I don't typically shoot more than 500 yards but I have an increasing desire to work on extending my effective...
  7. P

    New Fierce Rifle not grouping as expected

    Earlier this summer, my wife surprised me and let me get a rifle I had long had on my wish list. A Fierce CT Edge in 28 Nosler with titanium muzzle break and a March 2.5-25 scope in Talley Lightweight rings. Unfortunately, with work and other commitments, it took me a while to finally get to the...
  8. P

    Lightweight 34mm rings for Fierce rifle

    Does anyone have any input on a lightweight set of 34mm quality rings that will fit fierce rifles? Talley only makes up to a 30mm. Prefer not to have a rail. Thanks
  9. P

    WTB Fierce CT Edge 28Nos

    Looking to buy a Fierce CT Edge in 28 Nos Thanks
  10. live2huntmt

    Fierce Edge 28 Nosler

    New in box Fierce Edge 28 Nosler Fierce Radial Brake Shown w/ NF SHV (listed separate) not incl. Includes rings & bases Factory test target is incredible! $2325 + shipping to FFL
  11. P

    Fierce Rifles options? Brown Precision Stocks? Anyone have experience with them?

    Curious if anyone has experience putting a Fierce Barreled action into a different stock? For an ultralight rifle: I like the idea of their lightweight titanium action with the carbon fiber barrel, but I think I could do better than 24 ounces on the stock... (Brown Poundrs are supposed to be...
  12. P

    1moa or half moa guaranteed rifles... worth anything or just a gimmick?

    So, my Tikka t3 300WM superlite has a 1MOA guarantee (with factory ammo). So does my Kimber mountain ascent... However, under the right circumstances and loads, both of these rifles have put out sub-halfMOA groups... Now I am looking into buying a Fierce Arms Edge, and hear all the hype about...
  13. rfurman24

    Sako 75/85 Jard Trigger. Works with Fierce.

    $100.00 shipped. Has 12oz spring but others can be purchased from Jard. This also works on Fierce rifles. This is the version for the DBMs.

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